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About Us

" Strategy, Innovation, Growth, Change "

The financial landscape has changed forever. There are now new rules of the game. Change is the only constant. Technology has made the effects of change manifest quicker. At Anmol Finsec, we understand this new terrain and technologies and unroll their benefits for you.

We seek new and better ways to address the challenges and opportunities in this new market economy. At the centre of all our endeavours is the client for whom we are constantly innovating and refining our wealth management practise to create a better product and service. We take great care in our engagements adding professional rigour to build long-term relationships. We understand the unique needs, the investment objectives and risk profiles and then offer strategic, integrated and unique solutions aligned to business objectives.

As India, steps out post liberalization by plugging into the global economy many Indian corporate entities are thinking globally. There is no reason why Indian investors in India and abroad be left behind and not take advantage of this new investment climate. Ability to see the bigger picture enables Anmol Finsec to guide you, your investments .We actively meet various industry leaders to understand their vision, thinking, and long term plans. We network to find new opportunities. Anmol Finsec has also been tracking the regulatory environment that offers greater transparency and innovation. We draw on our rich experience and expertise to advise clients so they are either able to take advantage of the opportunities or weather the adverse business environments.

Company Profile

Anmol Finsec: Your "Global" Indian investment advisor

Since inception, Anmol has been adapting to the new changes, meeting the challenges and capitalizing on the opportunities. Today Anmol Finsec offers its esteemed clients a talent pool of outstanding investment professionals and consultants who deliver the highest level of satisfaction. The Anmol team has built an expertise with substantial man-years of experience and today offers individual service to each and every client - listening to their needs, researching the market and developing customized solutions that blend risk adjusted returns with performance. Today Anmol Finsec encapsulates a new spirit, a breadth of experience and maturity. Anmol is now wiser and more technically perceptive, works smarter, creatively designs, manages and develops solutions. For the diversified clientele we have created a broader portfolio of products. One size does not fit all. We value our clients and cultivate a stronger relationship that is for the long term.


Powerhouse Performance

During the past eight years, we have added new business areas to our portfolio of services as a part of our growth strategy. To meet this goal, we have added the following services to the existing bouquet:

  • Trading in Commodities through NMCE & MCX
  • Real Estate Developers (Development of Real Estate)
  • Sub Broker of BSE/NSE
  • Risk Management tools
  • Corporate Advisory Services
  • Merchant Exports
  • Mutual Funds
  • Corporate Insurance advisory

The Anmol Finsec success DNA comprises of a hands-on approach; a responsive nature and communication; competent and professional expertise; industry knowledge and technical competence; innovative, creative and deployable solutions and a seamless trusted partnership with clients.